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What to Do

 What should you do if you encounter a victim?   

Listen.        Document.

Realize the trafficker may be a parent, guardian, grandparent, neighbor, uncle,boyfriend. girlfriend, family friend, or classmate.  

Explain the limits of confidentiality & mandated reporting.  

Trust your instincts; trafficking happens across all groups: ethnic, socioeconomic, religions, sexualities, education, and genders.  

If possible, speak to the person alone (you don’t know who may be the trafficker).  Tell the person something like, “My responsibility is to make sure you are safe.  Abuse can take many forms-physical, emotional, financial, and sexual.”  

Then ask age-appropriate questions like:

  • Where are you from?  What brings you to the United States?
  • What type of work do you do after school or on the weekends?
  • What’s your schedule like outside of school?
  • How much do you earn?
  • What do you like to buy after you get paid?
  • Have you been threatened if you decide you want to leave your job?
  • Do you have ID?  If not, why not?  Who has your ID?
  • Do you have to ask permission to eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, or                                                             
           talk with others?
  • Are you being forced to do something you don’t want to do that could hurt you?

Remind the person you believe them, they deserve to be safe, abuse is NEVER their fault, and you want to help.  

Together, contact:

National Human Trafficking Resource Center   24 Hours/Day, 7 Days/Week


Text: HELP or INFO to 233733

Phone: 1-888- 373-7888