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We believe survivors of domestic sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children are able to recover through an eclectic approach where the mind, body, and spirit are given the opportunity to heal. We believe in serving as role models and mentors to those who have been victimized and providing a safe space for all those who enter our doors. We believe in being there as the hurts are healed, hope is restored, and freedom is found. 

We Shall Rise!

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Dr. Azurdee M. Garland, BA, MAE, EdS, EdD


The idea for Phoenix Rising Inc began over a decade ago when founder Azurdee Garland began working with at-risk teens from around the United States.  Azurdee continuously found herself meeting youth who had been victims of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.  Azurdee spent time mentoring, educating, and advocating for trafficking victims.
In 2011, Azurdee began consulting with organizations and state agencies in an effort to teach others how to recognize victims and potential victims. Azurdee worked with programs to educate their staff on domestic human trafficking, the needs of survivors, and how individuals could make an impact.  While researching the motivation needed to work with individuals who have experienced extreme trauma, Azurdee was challenged to develop her own direct service program.  Through local leadership Azurdee was able to meet others who shared her vision of helping victims transition into survivors who thrived in their communities. 

The journey has only just begun and will continue to expand as we challenge others to make their communities safer, healthier, and better for children and youth.       

Board of Directors

Phoenix Rising's board is made up of members who provide leadership, volunteer their time, and give financially because they are dedicated to seeing an end to trafficking in our world. 

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