About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Phoenix Rising Inc. is to foster human trafficking survivors' growth through leadership, education, advocacy, and development.    

Our Goals

  • Promote awareness and education about human trafficking.
  • Advocate for victims’ rights.
  • Provide a safe haven to foster growth by reducing shame, increasing self-worth, and restoring self-confidence.
  • Assist victims as they overcome trauma. 

Our Vision

We envision a nation without human trafficking where no survivor walks alone.   


Statement Of Belief

We believe survivors of human trafficking can find a path to healing and thriving.  We believe in a holistic, eclectic approach to the treatment process where the mind, body, and spirit can transform.  We believe encouraging the search for truth and challenging beliefs taught by perpetrators gives a survivor the opportunity to grow and develop.  We believe in serving as role models and mentors to those who have been victimized by assisting as they take back their lives.  We believe in being a welcoming, safe home for all those who enter our doors.  We believe in being authentic people who will meet a survivor where they are and walk alongside them in their journey.  We believe in being a community who will be there as the hurts are healed, hope is restored, and freedom is found.  

We Shall Rise!

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