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In Louisville, KY - Three people have been arrested for trafficking minor girls


                                            (Mugshots left to right:  Abigail Varney,  Nigel Nicholas,  Quentin Burris)

Louisville woman accused of trafficking underage sex acts online

Authorities accuse second Louisville suspect in underage human trafficking case

Third person arrested in Backpage.com sex trafficking case  


Craigslist Shuts Down Personal Ads


A sex trafficking bill passed by Congress has forced Craigslist to shut down its personals section


This new act known as "FOSTA" allows "states and victims to fight online sex trafficking."  The Communications Act of 1934 previously protected sites like Craigslist from any liability, saying that websites can't be held liable for its users' actions.  

FOSTA's language makes clear that the old law was not intended to protect websites that facilitate prostitution and imposes a 10-year prison term and/or a fine on anyone who operates an online service that does.